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Benefits of being an empanelled member with Corp Scan Online; is that you receive unparalleled benefits and privileges while you earn incentive points in exchange for the opinion you share while taking the online surveys with us. 

  1. You get additional incentive points every time another member joins the panel by your reference.
  2. You get the first opportunity to take the Online Survey; as it opens to the members; prior to the non-members.
  3. The incentives that you earn every time are compoundable and you have the option of either accumulating it or any-time redemption.
  4. You can access 24x7 passbook statement having credits, debits and balances mentioned therein for the activities / transactions.
  5. You have the voice to suggest, advice and recommend vis-a-vis survey administration by Corp Scan Online.


The Join Us / Empanelment Process – spans multiple pages. Your responses are processed once you click the '>> OK >>' button on the last / end page.